Gtmedia HDTV MATE ATSC 3.0 cost-effective USB Tuner Stick



1.HDTV Mate is a cost-effective USB Tuner Stick

 2.Support Smart Television, Phone, Tablet, TV Box, PC and Smart Car Computer                    

3.Fully compatible with ATSC3.0/ATSC1.0 digital terrestrial signal    

4.Self-developed HDTV Player

5.Watch ATSC 3.0 programs at anytime,anywhere with HDTV Player

6.Support Android 9.0+  HDTVPlayer APP,Google store download

7.Support apple HDTVPlayer IOS,App store download(will come soon)

8.Support DVR recording

9.Supports external USB/TF DVR

10.Technical support website :

Note: We reserve the right to change the design and OEM/ODM supported