Gtmedia N2 4K HD Night Vision Binoculars 3W IR 4x Optical Magnification

Overview Night vision binoculars N2, the night vision distance is about 200-300 meters in complete darkness, 850nm infrared LED, 7-level brightness adjustable, can shoot 1080P high-definition video, with 5x digital zoom function, can be used outdoors day and night
Description * Digital night vision binoculars are a professional tool that allows you to see in complete darkness. With an HD screen and up to 1080p video resolution.
* HD camera lens with infrared led illuminator and 5X digital zoom. Observe, track and target a nocturnal animal up to 984ft / 300m away.
* A comfortable neck strap provided with our night vision binoculars allows for hours of comfortable and stable watch throughout those long nights wherever the surface is flat.
* This digital night vision goggles is designed for both day and night use, to allow you to view objects clearly. It has three working mode like photo, video and playback mode.
* Use for observation during hunting, long range scouting, cave exploration, stealth fishing, etc.
Specifications Color Black (Material:ABS)
USB Interface Type C 2.0
Storage medium TF card, up to 128 GB
Photo resolution 10MP(4032*2520)/8MP(3800*2160)/5MP(3200*1800)/3MP(2560*1440)/VGA(640*480)
Video resolution FHD (1920X1080@30FPS),HD (1280×720@30FPS)
Lens F1.2 large aperture, f=25mm
Lens angle FOV=11 degrees,aperture 24mm
Display screen Inner screen 2.31inch (320 x 240) high-definition TFT
External screen size Inner screen + 4X magnification window magnifying glass
Auto-off 3 minutes/5 minutes/10 minutes/off
Infrared LED 3W,850nm strong infrared focusing,7-gear intensity adjustable
Viewing distance in complete darkness About 200-300 meters
Low light viewing distance 3 meters to infinity
Digital zoom 5X times
Objective Lens Diameter 28mm
Eyepiece diameter 48mm
FOVField of View 11°
IP(International Protection) IP66 (the first number 6 indicates the dustproof level, the second number 6 indicates the waterproof level, and you can choose IPX6 for waterproofing alone)
Power supply DC5V; 6*AA(not included)
0SD language Supports multi-languauge: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese
Date stamp Support setting date and time. Date stamps and time stamps on photos and video files
Operation buttons 6 buttons(Up,Down,Menu,Power On/off,Mode,Shot/ok)
Mode Photo,Video,Playback
Tripod compatible Yes
Working temperature -20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Dimension approx. 200*143*60mm
Weight approx. 572g
Package included 1* Instructions
1* USB cable
1* Cloth bag
1* Shoulder straps
1* Lens cloth
1* Night Vision Goggles
1* Storage bag
1* 32G Memory card
Card reader
Packaging specifications Package size 220*190*75mm  (L*W*H)
Single box size 585*390*245mm (L*W*H)  15set/box
Package weight 0.8kg/set
Single carton weight 12.7kg(15set)